Fredrik Mohammadi Norén is in charge of the project and is an assistant professor in media and communication at Malmö University. He is also the PI for the related infrastructure project Swedish Parliamentary Debates (SweDeb, 2023–2024, funded by Umeå University). Moreover, Mohammadi Norén is involved as a researcher in different digital humanities-related projects: Welfare State Analytics (2019–2023, funded by VR,, International Ideas at UNESCO (2020–2023, funded by RJ,, and Modern Times 1936 (2022–2025, funded by RJ,

Måns Magnusson is co-PI of the project and is an assistant professor in Statistics at Uppsala University. His research interest focus on Bayesian statistics and probabilistic machine learning and statistical inference for textual data. Magnusson has been awarded the Cramér prize for best thesis in Statistics in 2019 and is part of multiple research projects on Bayesian inference and statistical inference from textual data. For more information, see

Niklas Bergmark is the Head of the Section for Public Services and Collection Management at the Riksdag Library. The primary tasks of the Section are to provide information services to the public, manage the collections, cataloging, manage the library system, and publish records from the Riksdag of the Estates. The Section for Public Services and Collection Management is also responsible for the digitizing of parliamentary documents.

Robert Borges is a researcher with a background in Linguistics and a keen interest in Digital Humanities. His research primarily investigates how both cognitive and social factors contribute to language evolution in multilingual contexts. Research questions are addressed with data from a variety of settings involving languages with a wide range of typological profiles. In the SWERIK project, Robert is primarily responsible for curating parliamentary data and contributing to the project's data infrastructures.

Lotta Åberg Brorsson has been a librarian at the Riksdag Library for the past ten years. She works with the digitization of parliamentary documents. Lotta also provides teaching on parliamentary documentation and the legislative process, in both current and historical times. She specializes in the bicameral period.

Anders Olsson is the Head of the Swedish Riksdag Library. The primary task of the Riksdag Library is to provide the Riksdag with background materials for decisions. It also offers monitoring and information retrieval services for members and officials of the Riksdag. The Riksdag Library is open to the public and specializes in law, political science, and parliamentary documents. The Riksdag Library is also a part of The Communications Division in the Riksdag Administration, which is responsible for providing information and factual background material about the Riksdag, its work, and the EU.

Väinö Yrjänäinen is a doctoral student in statistics at Uppsala University. In the SWERIK project, he leads the technical data curation work. Yrjänäinen is also involved in the Welfare State Analytics and Mining for Meaning research projects, where he develops statistical methods for text analysis.

Mattias Ödevidh is a systems librarian at The Riksdag Library, who primarily works with the Library Service Platform and the Discovery system at the library, but also with the SWERIK project. Previously Mattias Ödevidh worked at The National Library of Sweden as a systems librarian.

Domestic Advisory Board

Hanna Bäck (Lund University)
Jonas Harvard (Mid Sweden University)
Josefine Hägglund (Södertörn University)
Martin Malmsten (National Library of Sweden)
Leif-Jöran Olsson (Gothenburg University)

International Advisory Board

Jo Guldi (Southern Methodist University)
Eero Hyvönen (Aalto University)
Pasi Ihalainen (University of Jyväskylä)
Maciej Ogrodniczuk (Polish Academy of Sciences)
Paul Seaward (History of Parliament Trust)

Technical Advisory Board

Leif Jonsson (Ericsson)
Joakim Lundborg (Zevoy)
Leif-Jöran Olsson (Gothenburg University)